Mt Pleasant Kennels, Vets and Pets Review

We have decided to completely repurpose and redesign our website. We have changed from a business site to an informational site about pets and pet services including boarding kennels and veterinary clinics in the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina area.

For starters on this new website, we are going to look at the various cat and dog boarding facilities close to the center of the Town of Mt Pleasant. Instead of pulling pictures off the various pet boarding company websites, we recently drove around and took our own. There are facilities farther out that we did not visit, but maybe we will cover them in the future.

The pictures below were taken with a phone on a cloudy December day around noon. Sorry about the quality, but that gives the result some realism; don’t you think?

The short description of each boarding facility was gathered from the websites’ meta description of either the home page or the boarding page with the exception of Best Friends Boarding. That note was gathered from their Facebook About Page.

In the future, we envision another page or post about Mt Pleasant veterinary clinics and maybe one dealing with pet shops.

To make this website more interesting from the start, we will highlight one business in each category for a period of time, and then rotate to another. We will start with a particular kennel for our first highlighted cat and dog boarding facility because we recently bumped into the two different owners from 1977 to about 2001. They provided us with some history about the kennel that is interesting.

Over the last couple decades, we have seen new boarding kennel businesses, location changes, shutting down of some kennels and major changes to existing kennels. There were three on Highway 17 that were impacted by the widening of that road a few years ago. One kennel closed, another kept operating but lost an entire building, and the third lost some accessibility and has moved. The center of the center is now about four miles further north than it was a decade ago. (This is based on doing a search in Google for “Mount Pleasant, SC”. A few years back, the Google map used to show the marker close to the intersection of Chuck Dawley Blvd and Ben Sawyer Blvd. Now the marker is in Town Center on Hiqhway 17.) The population has increased eight-fold over the last forty years, creating the need for more kennel capacity along with the opportunity of the entrepreneurs that wish to provide it.

There is one that is simply set up in a house and designed as a place for dogs to lounge on the floor and sofas. There are two that were built using expensive architectural drawings. And there are a bunch of boarding facilities in between those extremes. I believe that in all instances the owners spent plenty of time before building/renovating and opening for business reviewing the advice and guidance of the American Kennel Club, Small Business Administration, and other guidance from the South Carolina government and unofficial sources. It is interesting to look at the various ways to solve the waste issue, especially for those kennels that use the existing framework of a warehouse or strip mall.

mt pleasant sc kennels

Pet Keepers Cat Dog Boarding
Pet Keepers Cat Dog Boarding

1. Pet Keepers Cat & Dog Boarding Kennel – Mt Pleasant SC 29464 Boarding Kennel – A Sweet Home Away from Home. Dog Boarding, Cat Boarding, Dog Daycare and Pet Bathing. (843) 849-8866.

Back in 1959, the late Dr. J.O. Shuler built and opened Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital. The first building constructed was originally heated with a fireplace and is the current office of Pet Keepers. The next building to go up was the main boarding kennel building. Over time another couple buildings were added and the initial building was used for surgery and x-ray. The veterinary and boarding practice was taken over by J.O.’s nephew in the early 1990’s. In 1994, the boarding portion of the practice was sold. At that point it was named Pet Keepers and the original building was remodeled into the front office for the boarding business with the back part of it being the cat boarding area. That owner sold it back to the veterinary practice and that is who currently owns it.

The building site is on some of the highest elevation ground in Mt Pleasant. The solid cinder block construction and thick concrete slab floors have withstood the harshest weather since 1959.

Pet Keepers is primarily a cat and dog boarding facility that offers bathing services. There is no grooming other than nail trims. In addition to overnight kenneling, they offer day care for both cats and dogs.

dog day care
Doggie Heaven Daycare

2. Doggie Heaven Daycare – Cageless Boarding.

my 3 dogs boarding kennel
My Three Dogs

3. My Three Dogs is your premier dog grooming and boarding company with convenient locations in Mount Pleasant and Summerville, South Carolina.

mt pleasant boarding kennel
Best Friends

4. Best Friends Boarding – Premium dog and cat care facility. We offer overnight boarding for your pets 365 days per year. In addition, you may reserve a day care spot for your pet Monday through Friday and/or have your dog bathed and pampered for a day.

dog training canine
Purely Positive Canine Training

5. Purely Positive Dog Training – Dog Training Classes and Obedience Lessons in Charleston, SC, Mt. Pleasant, N. Charleston, West W Ashley, James Island, Folly Beach, IOP, Hanahan.

mt pleasant sc boading kennel
Paws in Paradise

6. Paws in Paradise – Mount Pleasant, SC. Doggie Daycare, Boarding, Grooming.

cats only boarding
Cats Only

7. Cats Only – Do you need someone to look after your feline family member the next time you have to leave town? Could your furry friend use a pampering session? Why ..

hwy 17 My Three Dogs
My Three Dogs

8. My Three Dogs – Second Mt Pleasant location. This one on Highway 17.

dog grooming and boarding
Grooming Designers & East Cooper Pet Motel

9. Grooming Designers & East Cooper Pet Motel – Professional Dog Groomer. I ensure your pets, dog grooming or cat grooming experience is an enjoyable one. Providing dog grooming services for over 30 years at our Mount Pleasant location.

Alpha dog training and boarding
Pooch Palace

10. Alpha Dog Training and Pooch Palace – Serving Charleston SC and Mt. Pleasant SC for over 18 years. We specialize in the basics, including problem behavior modification and basic obedience. We also do advanced training. We also own and operate the Pooch Palace, Charlestons biggest, best, most fun dog kennel and dog daycare in all of Charleston and Mount Pleasant.

hotel motel for pets mt pleasant sc
Paw Plaza Hotel

11. Paw Plaza Hotel – Upscale pet boarding facility and kennel in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Pet Boarding in Mt Pleasant SC

Pet boarding is a service offered by pet shops, veterinary clinics and pet kennels. This service is all about leaving pet dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc. for a set amount of time as the pet owner goes to work, runs errands or leaves for a vacation or business trip. The pet is left under the care of trained kennel employees who care for different types of pets just like their owners would. Pets like dogs are fed, walked and played with until their owners come back to claim them. In case a pet needs medical attention, in-house vets and other medical staff will administer treatments or medications at the set time. Pets are also kept under close watch especially those that need medical treatment, young pets and pets that are restless due to separation from their owner.

In Mt. Pleasant, SC, several pet boarding businesses offer a safe, well-maintained and very comfortable place to stay for your pets while you are away. It is their priority to provide a close to actual home environment to pets to reduce their stress and anxiety. And although most pet boarding businesses only offer the usual needs like food and a place to sleep for pets, some companies offer more:

Pet grooming services

Pet boarding services in Mount Pleasant offer more than your pet’s basic needs. Most businesses offer grooming stations where your pet can bathe, get a trim (ideal for dogs, cats, hamsters and guinea pigs), get a massage and other spa-like treatments while you are away. These services may be part of a boarding package or you may need to order these separately for your pet.

mt pleasant kennel recreationPet recreational facilities

Another plus are pet recreational facilities that will allow your pet to exercise even when he is far from home. Most pet boarding services offer walking exercises, open air or green facilities where dogs may play, appropriate toys for different kinds of pets and water-fun facilities.

Special diet plans

Pet dogs, cats, birds and even fishes have special diet needs and just because you are on vacation or in a business trip, your pet will neglect his special dietary preferences. Pet boarding companies offer nutritionists and dietary services which will provide tailor-made meals for your pet. This unique service is also beneficial for pets that need to be fed with a special diet because of a medical condition.

mt pleasant kennel ip cameraIP camera friendly

You definitely want to check up on your pet while you are away, now you can do this with the use of a special IP camera stationed near your pet’s cage or kennel. Pet owners are provided with online access to a pet boarding IP camera service where owners can monitor their pets through their smartphones, tablets or android phones. This service is mostly offered for free for pet owners to have peace of mind while on vacations or business trips.

There are so many more features that pet boarding services in Mt. Pleasant, SC can offer customers. Be sure to check features out and compare businesses to be able to provide the best care for your pet when you are away.

Vet Advice on Sit Stay Fetch Dog Training

Here is a quick article provide to a local Mt Pleasant veterinary clinic by one of their clients:::

My husband and I are pet lovers. We have two cats and two dogs. The cats are in the house and the dogs are kept in a large kennel outdoors. They are hunting dogs that my husband spends a great deal of time training. He begins obedience training when the dogs are six weeks old. He makes the lessons fun, but he is serious about teaching the dogs not to jump, to be quiet, to sit, to come when called and to kennel when told. This obedience training takes time, but it is so nice to have pets that will listen to you. It is also helpful for the pet to be able to please you as master by doing what they are told.

I have a good friend who bought a terrier when she was still single. She did nothing to discipline the puppy. He never got too big so she controlled him from jumping up on people and barking by picking him up and putting him in his kennel. Eventually she married and had two children. The terrier eventually died. Unfortunately so did my friend’s husband. About five years after his death she bought another terrier puppy. This particular breed was bigger. The male dog was about forty five pounds as an adult. Again she did not follow through with teaching the dog obedience. I hated going over to her house because the first twenty minutes after arrival was listening to the dog bark and watching her trying to control the animal. He would jump up on you and would bark. He was very protective of the children. Her furniture looked terrible because he was constantly jumping up on it.

I mentioned to my friend that I had seen some information about SitStayFetch: A Dog training program to stop your dog’s behavior problems. The training program was geared to cut the amount of time needed to train your dog to have the behavior that you want it to have. She told me she planned to take the dog to obedience training once she found the time. I told he that this was the nice thing about the SitStayFetch program; you could follow it in your own home.

A few weeks later my friend called to let me know that she had hired a dog behavior specialist to work with the dog as well as her and the kids. The dog had bit a neighbor child. The parents understood, however she realized that she had to get the dog’s behavior under control before someone was bitten badly and sued her. The behavior specialist was very expensive, but she thought there would be fast improvement in the dog’s poor behavior. Unfortunately the dog continued to dominate the family. He bit another child. The aggressiveness was always towards children. The parents of this child were quite upset. My friend called the behaviorist and the veterinarian to see what they suggested. They both agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest to put the dog down. I feel bad that a healthy animal had to be destroyed because of lack of training and obedience expectations. It is so very important to work with your animal so you can live well together.

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Mt Pleasant Veterinary Clinics

I drove around the Town of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina a few days ago and snapped photos of a few local veterinary clinics and animal hospitals. I included some specialty veterinarian hospitals and some general practice small animal veterinary care businesses. The descriptions came primarily from the meta description tag from the websites. If I couldn’t find that tag, I used some words from the website itself.

mount pleasant sc veterinary clinics

mount pleasant animal hospital
Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital and Veterinary Clinic

A. Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital and Veterinary Clinic. Veterinarians providing superior pet services since 1959 in a professional and caring manner. State of the art ultrasound, laser, rehab, more. 843-884-4921

Pet Vet Animal Hospital
Pet Vet Animal Hospital

B. Pet Vet Animal Hospital. Veterinary Clinic in Mount Pleasant, SC

Animal Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant
Animal Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant

C. Animal Medical Center of Mt. Pleasant. Dedicated to high quality modern veterinary medicine. Committed to old fashion care and compassion.

SouthEast Veterinary Dermatology
Southeast Veterinary Dermatology

D. Southeast Veterinary Dermatology. Specialists in skin, ears and nails.

Animal Eye Care of the Lowcountry
Animal Eye Care of the Lowcountry

E. Animal Eye Care of the Lowcountry. The Lowcountry’s specialist in diagnosing and treating diseases of your animal’s eye and associated structures.

Simply Spay and Neuter
Simply Spay and Neuter

F. Simply Spay & Neuter. Pleasant Pet Care: Providing outpatient medical care for a variety of medical needs.

Cats Only
Cats Only

G. Cats Only. Vet Clinic in Mt. Pleasant & Isle of Palms, SC | Animal Hospital Mt. Pleasant & Isle of Palms, SC. Veterinarians provide veterinary care to keep your pets healthy and happy – Call Today! (843) 849-1661.

Tidewater Veterinary
Tidewater Veterinary

H. Tidewater Veterinary. Full service veterinary located in Mt Pleasant. We use the least invasive and most effective treatments available.

Shuler Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital
Shuler Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital

I. Shuler Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital. Veterinarians provide complete range of veterinary services in a professional and caring manner. (843) 884-4494

Long Point Animal Hospital
Long Point Animal Hospital

J. Long Point Animal Hospital. Long Point Animal Hospital provides high quality and compassionate veterinary care for your dog, cat or small animal in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston and surrounding areas of South Carolina.

Banfield Pet Hospital®
Banfield Pet Hospital®

K. Banfield Pet Hospital®. At Banfield, we believe every pet is entitled to receive the highest-quality veterinary care, powered by clinical diagnostics, therapeutic analysis, and the latest medical evidence.

Natural Flea Control for Pets

It’s the middle of winter, and it’s quite understandable that you’re looking forward to warmer weather. Still, there is one thing about warm weather that’s quite unwelcome among pet lovers everywhere – a flea infestation. The problem with fleas is, even if you run a spotless house and keep your pets well-treated to keep the pests away, all it takes to start an infestation is one flea that arrives home hitching a ride on your dog’s coat from the park or from another dog on the street. Certainly, there are any number of flea pest control products that line the shelves at any store. Whichever way you look at these though, they happen to be poisonous. And spraying poisons on your pets’ coats can never be good thing. It will be a matter of time before the poison finds its way to the animal’s bloodstream. So what can you do to keep your home and your pets free of fleas, should there be a problem? As it happens there are some pretty neat natural ways to help your situation.

flea control petsMost people don’t expect that keeping their gardens trimmed and neat could help with flea pest control; it just so happens that it does. Fleas like it damp and shady. Keeping your lawn mowed short helps you keep the grass dry and hot. Wherever in your garden your pets like to play, spread out some diatomaceous earth all over. Diatomaceous earth is a powdery substance that comes from the fossilized remains of prehistoric sea-dwelling organisms. It’s a coarse material. Pets love to roll about it. When they do so, the coarse material gives the fleas a rough time. Also, diatomaceous earth happens to be very dry. It dries the fleas out the moment the fleas touch it. Growing herbs with medicinal properties – ones like mint and eucalyptus – in your garden, should help too. You could even line your pet’s bed with a little eucalyptus and mint.

Ever think that you could fight fire with fire with fleas? Nematodes, the little parasites that you get in any garden supplies stores can be a great addition to your garden to help make it flea-unfriendly. Nematodes prey on fleas, and kill them. The great thing is that people and pets have nothing to fear from them. Spread them about in the areas of your lawn where you believe the fleas are, and you can let the nematodes do the rest of the work.

There are other flea pest control measures you can take up just as easily. Fleas love upholstered furniture and carpets. These materials feel like the coat of an animal to them. You’ll help keep your home free of fleas if you keep vacuuming all upholstery for flea eggs. Make sure that you put a little diatomaceous earth in your vacuum bag before you start vacuuming the whole home for fleas. Once the fleas are sucked in there, the diatomaceous earth will finish them off. Once you’re done, you’ll need to throw the bag away.

Remember, fleas, for the most part, are not really harmful to humans. Their only sin is to be terribly annoying in the way they cause all the itching. It helps to know that you don’t have anything really to be scared of while you aim to gun down those little insects.

Boarding Kennels and Your Pet Stuff

If you have an animal or pet of any kind then you have a need for pet stuff. Pet lovers can find all kinds of cool, unique, wacky, and unusual pet supplies for dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, birds, small animals, and for themselves too! If you’re looking for something that everyone else is not sure to have, then visit my favorite, Stupid Pet Stuff at for everything you never needed. It doesn’t matter what type of pet you have, you need pet stuff don’t you? You have to feed it, water it, bathe it (sometimes), love it, exercise it, entertain it, and get it the proper medical attention when needed. They’re just like kids and they are just as much a part of the family as your real kids. They deserve the same type of treatment, which is what you agreed to when you accepted the position of owner and caretaker. Many boarding kennels in Mount Pleasant, SC allow you to bring certain items with you when kenneling your pets.

Pet stuff is anything you need to provide total care and comfort for your pet of choice. Many online merchants specialize in pet stuff for most types of pets, including natural and premium pet foods, pet toys, vitamins, grooming supplies, collars, leashes, travel accessories, bedding, aquariums, and all the other extraneous things you need when you have pets. There is the necessary and the unnecessary of course. One pet owners needs are another’s wants, it just depends on the extent of lavishness thrown on a pet. Custom tutus and night wear are essential pet stuff for the rich and famous, and as we all know food, shelter, and love is the most important. When considering what to bring with you to the boarding kennel, call the boarding facility ahead of time to check that they allow the items you wish to leave with your pet. There are a number of sites that specialize in different types of pet stuff, such as those that feature information about pet groups, local veterinarians, groomers, related links, and other pet related stuff for cities around the country.

As well as buying pet stuff, pet owners can get free pet stuff from websites that feature free contests, games, coupons, computer wallpaper, and lots of other free stuff in addition to free pet products. Local pet supply stores also feature specials and coupons for discounts and cash rebates for featured pet products like canned and dry foods among hundreds of other must have pet items. Local discount stores also carry a selection of pet stuff, though somewhat limited to dogs, cats, fish, guinea pigs, and birds. Many online merchants who carry pet stuff, feature things that you might not necessarily be able to find anywhere else. Your pets are like you and they reflect who you are. Label your items before you arrive at the cat or dog boarding kennel so that if any item needs laundering prior to picking up your pet, it will be easy to identify.